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We are committed to defending every client zealously, providing the highest quality personalized criminal defense services, and obtaining the best results possible in every case. We understand that a criminal arrest can be scary. The Tacoma criminal attorneys at Cutter Law will guide you through the court system and fight to prove you are innocent.

When pleading guilty is not an option you need to call us!

The criminal lawyers at Cutter Law understand the courts and know how to use the laws, rules, and procedures to obtain the best results for our clients.  We advocate zealously for our clients, but never forget that our most important goal is obtaining the best results, whether that means fighting procedural battles or representing our clients before a judge or jury.  We work hard for our clients, explaining their options and keeping them updated about the status of their cases.

Joe is very knowledgeable and informed. But, what causes Joe to shine is his calm demeanor under pressure and awareness of all aspects of a situation. He is extremely easy to communicate with and is very straight and honest. He has the “street” smarts that compliment his expertise. He is my number one choice by far.

Joe and I worked together on several traffic violations. Superb all around lawyer. A pleasure to work with.

Joe got my ticket dismissed without me having to even go to court. He’s great!

Joe is a down to earth lawyer. He helped me through a very difficult time.  He explained everything step by step and was always available to answer my questions.  I have hired other lawyers in the past and Joe was the best!  I will recommend Joe to anyone in need of legal help.